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Advocacy and Policy Influencing Project

Nigeria is a blessed nation but also a broken nation reflected in the collapse of the nation’s ethical structure evidenced in the brokenness of the nation’s seven gates- “Spiritual/Social, Government/Politics, Business/Economy, Education, Media, Culture/Entertainment/Arts, and Sports”. Young people between ages 18-35 dominates the population of Nigeria as they constitute 55-60% of the nation’s population, In-spite of this they are marginalised, alienated, dispossessed and excluded from the development process and incapable of contributing to shaping their future. The exclusion of youth permeates every area of Nigeria’s national life as youth constitute the largest population of unemployed, Poverty is greatest amongst youth etc. This social inequality threatens social stability to the point of war and indeed studies have revealed that there is a nexus between youth poverty, unemployment and conflict. In order to enable youth to deliver an alternative, transformative future and narrative for the nation, there is the need to raise a critical mass of youth to work as movements that push large-scale transformation in Nigeria.

We have delivered the following outputs:

  • 310 youths whose capacities have been built to meaningfully engage in governance, development processes, and policy dialogues

  • A 3-day technical session was organised for 32 youths to build their capacity in Advocacy and Policy Influencing  

  • A toolkit "#WhatShouldWeDo" was developed with a clear strategy and framework to support youth engagement in key areas such as budget tracking, and constituting accountability systems, that support youth participation and engagement with open governance systems in Plateau State.

  • 62 members from two community-based youth groups (Youth light initiative: Landere and Anglo Jos Youth Livelihood Centre) formed and capacity strengthened to be change agents within their communities. 

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