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Environmental Sustainability Projects

Urbanization in Africa is throwing up slums, urban poverty and rising inequality (Tearfund Megatrends, 2025). This urbanization has affected most urban cities like the Jos, Plateau State in central Nigeria, characterized by unsustainable waste management, and indiscriminate tree felling. Our Environmental sustainability projects have focused on educating, training and advocating for Urban centre members to live within sustainable Environmental Limits. So far we have the following ongoing outputs:

  • 1 Plastic Hub (Jos Green Cycle Hub) that collects and recycles 1,000kg - 2,000kg of plastics monthly.

  • Advocating for a bill on the "Primary Level Waste Separation" policy 

  • 25 businesses in the city centre are sustainably managing their waste

  • 25 women (cleaners) supported to properly manage waste in the community and make economic benefits from it.

  • waste is sustainably managed significantly as reflected in the quantity and quality of waste produced and disposed of.

  • 1 broken garden restored to serve as a model for remodelling other broken gardens

  • 34 young peoples' capacity built to set up social and eco-Entreprises around the waste. 

  • Several campaigns to combat climate change and to #EndOpenDumping of Waste in Jos City.

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