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Many people in our community are struggling to achieve economic sustainability, and lack the opportunity to escape poverty.


But we don't need more handouts, we need more sustainable hand-ups.


Nigeria is in desperate need of a new generation of economic changemakers with the skills and mindset to help protect our environment and build business structures based on justice and ethical practices.


However, there are not many support systems to help our young and driven entrepreneurs get:

  • education in social and eco business practices

  • feedback and support to create better and more sustainable business models and ideas

  • financial support to help them get started




We're building a program from the ground up to cultivate a new generation of social and eco entrepreneurs, for FREE.



The Grains to Gains project is an applied learning program that supports young people to gain skills and start a micro-business or a project or test their concepts and ideas in a “social/environmental” entrepreneurial way.


Participants join a local learning cohort through our organization, where they build entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, and use the power of community to test and perfect their social and eco-business ideas.


Upon successful completion of the course, these burgeoning entrepreneurs pitch their sustainable business ideas to our community. Those that are selected get access to seed funding raised from within the community, and from caring people like you.


Not only do our entrepreneurs get an education, they also get the support and help of a community to hone their businesses chops and drive them toward becoming economic actors for the greater good.

We believe that people everywhere deserve a chance to create viable, profitable, sustainable and socially just livelihoods that will position them as leaders and actors in a more equitable and healthy world. We believe that together, we have the power to change the course of humanity’s fate and build a brighter future.

Our Vision: “Seeding into the Economically Sustainable Goals of Young People”

Our Mission: “To empower youth to become self-sufficient actors in an environmentally sound, economically sustainable and socially just future.”


Would you please consider making a donation to help us do more at the Jos Green Centre?


If you’d like to support our social and eco entrepreneurs, please click on the button below.


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