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Youth Greenovation Conference

Nigeria is a blessed nation with a vibrant, dynamic, energetic and innovative youth population. However, on a national scale, of the 26.6million million people who are unemployed in Nigeria, 17.6 million are youth (Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, 2016). Unemployed, unengaged and un-deployed, youth become excluded from the development process and incapable of contributing to shaping their future threatening social cohesion and stability to the point of war.

Given this current demographic and development crisis, Jos Green Centre), riding the crest of current global and national conversations around the circular economy, environment, and renewables began to organise the Youth Greenovation conference. The first edition was organised in May 2017.

The three key objectives of the conference are, firstly, to make a huge contribution to addressing the crisis of youth unemployment and thus dealing with underlying triggers for social tensions and crises in Nigeria. Secondly, to create an accompanying policy environment that supports the first youth-driven climate innovation hub in Africa (in the city of Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria). Thirdly, to promote a flourishing and inclusive,

environmentally sound Nigerian nation, for the benefit of future generations.

The "Youth Greenovation Conference has become a bi-annual event and will usually feature exhibitions of eco-innovations. Feel to submit your innovation idea below to be featured in future conferences.

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